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About Us


Combining the wisdom of Eastern, Ayurvedic and Traditional medicinal practices, Obliphica Professional® harnesses the incredible powers of miraculous Seaberry Oil. The potent rejuvenating reserve found within the Seaberry is our foundation, around which all of our formulas are created for maximum absorption, transformative results and immediate and long-term benefits.

We believe the anti-aging and restorative properties of Seaberry Oil are the new essence of modern beauty and healthy hair, scalp and skin. As a result, we have integrated Seaberry into a luxurious collection of professional hair care that works immediately, delivers on its promises and delights the senses.



Distributed via selected salons, spas and prestige beauty retailers, Obliphica Professional® maximizes the therapeutic properties of Seaberry Oil to instantly rejuvenate and transform the hair and scalp.

Obliphica Professional® is a pioneer in transformative Seaberry hair care, which maximizes nature’s most coveted health and beauty ingredient through modern extraction techniques and crafted formulas. The high concentrations of Seaberry Oil within the Obliphica Professional® hair care collection provide powerful rejuvenation and transformation, thanks to more than 190 bio-active compounds. Cultivated for centuries in the heights of the Himalayas and the harshest climates of Russia and the Eastern Europe seacoasts, the Seaberry contains all of the life-sustaining essentials—Vitamins C, A and E, beta-carotenes and other protective antioxidants, with more than 18 amino acids, 11 trace minerals and balanced omega essential fatty acids, including the incredibly rare Omega 7, that repair hair fundamentally and provide nourishment for new growth. The result is stronger, healthier, more luxurious and luminous hair.

Obliphica Professional® is not only an instant solution to stressed hair but also a long-term investment in healthier hair and scalp.



The Obliphica Professional® woman is a wise, independent, confident and discerning beauty expert who knows that she has many options. With technology at her fingertips, she’s savvier about health, beauty and ingredients, and wants to make intelligent choices for herself about both her inner and outer beauty balance. She thinks globally, with an appreciation of multicultural looks, textures and sensibilities.

She has a passion for classic, modern, elegant style and demands beauty and wellness solutions that are authentic and truly make a difference in how she looks and feels. An intelligent investor in her own unique definition of beauty, she demands products and services that deliver what they promise: to nourish the scalp, transform the hair instantly and provide intensive, long-term rejuvenation. The result? Luxurious, luminous hair and iconic style.

The Obliphica Professional® woman is you.