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Advanced Haircare, Transformative Results for Hair & Scalp

Obliphica Professional provides immediate transformative results for long-lasting healthy and beautiful hair using indulgent formulas built upon the exceptional rejuvenating and protecting powers of Seaberry oil

Obliphica Professional is a pioneer in transformative Seaberry hair care, which maximizes nature’s most coveted health and beauty ingredient through modern extraction techniques and crafted formulas. The high concentration of Seaberry Oil within the Obliphica Professional hair care collection provide powerful rejuvenation and transformation, thanks to more than 190 bio-active compounds.

Complete Rejuvenation with The SeaBerry

Combining the wisdom of Eastern,Ayurvedic and Traditional medicinal practices, Obliphica Professional harnesses the healing power of miraculous, Seaberry Oil, cultivated from the world’s harshest climates. It nourishes the scalp, allowing healthy, strong hair to grow. Then, it continues to protect and repair, for hair that is luxurious, luminous and beautiful.

The Power of Seaberry Oil

A natural, centruies-old  secret to beauty, health and wellness, this miraculous berry was revered for its healing, rejuvenating an protective powers by the ancient Greeks and Tibetans, and by Eastern and Ayuverdic medicinal practiioners as far back as 5000 BC.

The Key to Long-Lasting Beautiful Hair

The seaberry’s therapeutic oil is naturally rich with 190+ bioactive compounds, which help it to survive in the world’s harshest climates. Used in hair care formulas, those same compounds provide instant rejuvenation and transformative results for hair and sculp.

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Our Mission

We believe the anti-aging and restorative properties of Seaberry Oil are the new essence of modern beauty and healthy hair, scalp and skin. As a result, we have integrated them into a luxurious collection of professionals hair care that works immediately, dellivers on its promises and delights the senses.

After seeing results the first day, I just couldn’t believe it could be that great… By the third day, my hair was resilient and bouncing


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