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Hair Shampoo

Hair Shampoo For Damage, Dry & Frizzy Hair

Having trouble finding the best hair damage & hydrating shampoo for your particular set of strands? Are you feeling overwhelmed walking down the generalized hair care aisle and yet still unable to find a oily hair shampoo that works and keeps your hair hydrated and is cruelty free? Let our salon-quality products treat your hair like the treasure it should be!

Our nutrient-rich lather nourishes and cleanses your hair while treating texture and thickness-specific needs. For thin to medium hair, optimized nutrients strengthen and rejuvenate your hair while bolstering it with our hair strengthening shampoo. On the other end of the spectrum, our Thick to Coarse formula combats damaged hair from straightening or disciplining the unruly fibers.

Our sodium-free Seaberry shampoo for colored hair formulas are safe for colored and keratin-treated hair and extensions. Thin or thick, curly or fine, we have a formula for you. Keep your hair happy, healthy, and beautiful with the best dry & frizzy hair shampoo available! Shop our online collection, buy with a click, and then lather-rinse-repeat for visible results.