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Hair Conditioner

Is there anything quite as relaxing as lathering up a good sulfate free conditioner, rubbing it into your strands, rubbing down your scalp, and letting it set? You can almost feel the nutrients at work revitalizing your hair with amino acids and making it silky smooth.

Your hair care regimen simply isn’t complete without a good curly hair conditioner. Our hair is constantly being damaged: external aggressors like harsh heat and humidity or styling practices like straightening, curling, or detangling can cause hair to deteriorate over time, growing dry and brittle. A high-quality hydrating conditioner can revive and protect your hair without weighing down the strands -- add that it’s a cruelty free conditioner and you’ve made detangling a breeze.

Our Seaberry Conditioners offer a solution for all types of hair, from thick to thin, straight to curly, and everything in between. Colorful and robust hair awaits with our color protecting conditioner. Leave your hair feeling more soft, smooth and flexible to the touch with our softening conditioner.

Shop our online collection and buy today! You can see -- and feel -- the results.